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====== Alternative ======
* explain free space better - is it 'unpartitioned' ? 'free space' is ambiguous
* explain free space better - is it 'unpartitioned' ? 'free space' is ambiguous

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[edit] Anaconda Storage UI Design

Mission Statement: To make it easier to find and identify the device(s) that you want to work with in anaconda, especially when there are large numbers of devices and/or types of devices present.

[edit] Resources

[edit] Content

[edit] Screen Flows

[edit] Fedora 11 Anaconda Screenflow

Anaconda fedora11 screenflow.png

Inkscape SVG Source

[edit] Proposed Anaconda Screenflow

The graphic below is out-of-date and needs to be updated.


Inkscape SVG Source

[edit] Mockups

These are draft 5, updated 12 September 2009.

[edit] Changelog

[edit] Design Changes/Additions

  • the mockups are now organized into two separate paths
  • a status bar to indicate the total number of devices & space present in the UI vs. the selected number of devices & space has been added.
  • there are now icons to explain the 5 partition screens in the basic screen flow
  • boot device selection has been removed from the partition scheme screen. it was a small dropdown on that screen, now it is a full-blown screen.
  • new upgrade/install icons that are distro-agnostic / de-branded
  • RAID devices no longer use UNIX-style device names

[edit] Bug Fixes

  • upper-right-corner list filter boxes have been cleaned up (removed old unused items)
  • the capacity column was missing from several SAN-related screens. It has been added.
  • fixed more instances of the term "fiber" to read "fibre"
  • the term "bios raid" has been replaced with "firmware raid" (for UEFI consideration)
  • the term "product name" has been replaced with "model"
  • usage of the term "device" has been made consistent throughout the mockups. there are no more references to "drive"

[edit] Unaddressed Itches to Scratch

  • 'remove dmraid device' button - why is it in anaconda today? what does it do? why is it needed?
  • explore creating an alternative view of SAN devices using path tree
  • install types screen in basic screen flow - clean it up? more info on what each does? what is "free" space?
  • your concern goes here! :)

[edit] Mockup Sources

All mockups are sourced in this one SVG file:

Mockups' Source SVG

There are two paths through the mockups. One is for using working with basic devices such as internal IDE/ATA drives, the other is for working with specialized devices such as SANs, Firmware RAID, etc.

[edit] Basic Path

[edit] Choose Installation Type

Anaconda basic installtype 5.png

[edit] Do you want to upgrade?

Anaconda basic upgradeornot 5.png

[edit] Select Device(s)

Anaconda basic devselect 5.png

[edit] Choose Partitioning Scheme

Anaconda basic partscheme 5.png

[edit] Alternative

Anaconda basic partscheme 5b.png

  • explain free space better - is it 'unpartitioned' ? 'free space' is ambiguous

[edit] Select Boot Device

Anaconda basic bootselect 5.png

[edit] Specialized Device Path

[edit] Choose Installation Type

Anaconda adv installtype 5.png

[edit] Do you want to upgrade?

Anaconda adv upgradeornot 5.png

[edit] Advanced Device Selection - Local Devices Tab

Anaconda adv devselect-localtab 5.png

[edit] Advanced Device Selection - Firmware RAID Devices Tab

Anaconda adv devselect-biosraid 5.png

[edit] Advanced Device Selection - Multipath Tab - Unfiltered

Anaconda adv devselect-mpathtab1 5.png

[edit] Advanced Device Selection - Multipath Tab - Interconnect Filter

Anaconda adv devselect-mpathtab2 5.png

[edit] Advanced Device Selection - Multipath Tab - Vendor Filter

Anaconda adv devselect-mpathtab3 5.png

[edit] Advanced Device Selection - Other SAN Tab

Anaconda adv devselect-othersan 5.png

[edit] Advanced Device Selection - Search Tab (Port/Target/LUN)

Anaconda adv devselect-searchtab-ptl 5.png

[edit] Advanced Device Selection - Search Tab (WWID)

Anaconda adv devselect-searchtab-wwid 5.png

[edit] Select Boot Device

Anaconda adv bootselect 5.png

[edit] Mockup Archive

[edit] PDF Format

[edit] Wiki Format

[edit] Icon Work

All icon work here is meant to be used with the GNOME icon theme and in some cases uses components from that icon theme. It is licensed under the GPLv2.

Design Team ticket 63 concerns the updating of icons in Anaconda. Some icons may need to be redesigned/created also as part of this UI redesign effort. Some notes on this follow.

[edit] Install Type Icons

Right now we have install and upgrade. One idea proposed in UI feedback in that we have three install types:

  • clean install
  • multiboot install (don't overwrite other OSes)
  • upgrade

Here's some icons to demonstrate these:

Anaconda installtypes-iconsketches clean-multiboot-upgrade.png

[edit] Partition Scheme Icons

[edit] Sketches

Anaconda installtypes-iconsketches 5installoptions.png

[edit] Icons

[edit] Downloads
[edit] Preview
  • Anaconda partscheme-icon all.png use all partitions
  • Anaconda partscheme-icon replace.png replace linux partitions
  • Anaconda partscheme-icon shrink.png shrink partitions and install to unpart space
  • Anaconda partscheme-icon unpart.png use all unpartitioned space
  • Anaconda partscheme-icon custom.png custom layout

[edit] Misc Icons

[edit] Dropdown List Column Selector Icon