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= CGroups UI Design =
= CGroups UI Design =

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[edit] CGroups UI Design

Mission statement: To provide more visibility to the cgroups feature in Fedora and allow system administrators and developers using systems for which cgroups have been configured to view, monitor, create, modify, and remove those groups.

[edit] Resources

[edit] Whiteboard Sketches

[edit] 05 August 2010

[edit] Mockups

These are draft 1, dated 26 August 2010.

[edit] Mockup Source

All mockups are sourced in this one SVG file:


[edit] Resource Views

[edit] Processor Home


[edit] Processor Database Group


[edit] Processor Database Queues Group


[edit] Control Group Views

[edit] Control Group monitoring panel

This could possibly be integrated into gnome-system-monitor instead...