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Banners Needed

Main banner

This one uses the default wallpaper design. For F16, this was created by Zachary Snyder (Sadin) from the Fedora design team. It still needs a screenshot; Sadin is actively working towards this.

  • background color: #456673

F16-website-banner main.png


  • It's not repeatable, will look odd on wide screens. (Elad 20:37, 14 October 2011 (UTC))

Feature #1

(For Fedora 15 this was GNOME 3)

For Fedora 16 we would like to feautre Virt-manager Guest Inspection.

Here's a mockup from mo:

F16-web-banners virt-guest-inspection.png

  • Mo emailed Richard & Cole for an OK & sanity check 14 Oct 2011

Feature #2

(For Fedora 15 this was Fedora Electronic Lab)

For Fedora 16 this should be Fedora Scientific and Fedora Robotics


(For Fedora 15 this was a FUDcon photo)

For Fedora 16 this should be the FUDcon Milan photo.