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What design team members intend to go to Flock 2015?

  • gnokii
  • riecatnor
  • mizmo
  • jurank_dankkal
  • suchakra
  • (add yourself here)

What topics will we propose?

  • Design Clinic (gnokii?) - bring your UI or artwork or unfiled design team ticket to an open "office hours" session with design team members and get feedback / critique / help.
  • Wallpaper Hunt (gnokii?) - design team members with cameras could plan a group photoshoot to get nice pictures that could make good wallpapers for F23 (rietcatnor suggested Highland Park as a good potential place to go. Three parts:
    • Introduction what makes a good wallpaper
    • the actually hunt on a place with nice motives
    • post processing of the pictures with dt and/or gimp
  • Badge Design Workshop (riecatnor)