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This page contains information pertaining GlitterGallery's relationship with Fedora. For the GlitterGallery project wiki, please visit:


About this WikiPage

This page manages Fedora-specific information about the GlitterGallery project, an ongoing effort by the Fedora design team to ease collaboration for open source designers. For general information about the project itself, may we please suggest you look at the extensive documentation on the project wiki[1].

[1] - github wiki

People Involved

  • Emily Dirsh (emily AT glittergallery DOT net)
  • Mo Duffy (duffy AT fedoraproject DOT org)
  • Rohit Paul Kuruvilla ()
  • Sarup Banskota (sarup AT glittergallery DOT net)

Brief History

Mo's idea, UX hackfest, Emily's programming, LGM presentation, Sarup joined in..., another LGM, release at Flock

Google Summer of Code 2014

Under the Fedora project, we have two students working on GlitterGallery as part of the GSoC program for 2014.

Google Summer of Code 2013

Most of the initial work on GlitterGallery happened through the GSoC program for 2013.

Talks & Coverage

Over time, GlitterGallery has been discussed at various events where other Fedora folk have been present.

Fedora Design Team Installation


Like/hate anything in particular? Let us know, we're just an email away! Just ping Sarup, he's always looking for someone to chat with during the afternoon classes. You could also just open up questions as issues on the GitHub page