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About this WikiPage

This page contains information on the GlitterGallery project's association with the Fedora Project, an ongoing effort by the Fedora design team to ease collaboration among FLOSS designers. For general information about the project itself, you can look at it's documentation on the GitHub wiki[1].

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People Involved

  • Emily Dirsh (emily AT glittergallery DOT net)
  • Mo Duffy (duffy AT fedoraproject DOT org)
  • Rohit Paul Kuruvilla (rohitkuruvill AT yahoo DOT co DOT in)
  • Sarup Banskota (sarup AT glittergallery DOT net)

Brief History

One fine day, Máirín(Mo) wrote this blog post[2] about her idea of an open collaboration space for FLOSS designers world over. At a GNOME UX hackfest in London soon after, a bunch of designers got together to discuss what would later become Design Hub. Emily and Mo came up with an early hacky concept and presented it at the Libre Graphics Meeting[3] 2012 in Vienna[4].

Sarup joined in 2013, Design Hub grew to GlitterGallery and went from idea to prototype. Sarup presented GlitterGallery, at the 2014 edition of the Libre Graphics Meeting held in Leipzig[4]. The proposal is to make GlitterGallery available for FLOSS designers to use, in a way that it fits into their workflow without involving much git-fu. In 2014, Rohit joined GlitterGallery as a GSoC student. He worked on improving the project's Git-centric bits.

There have been several contributors to the project since:

[2] -

[3] -

[4] -

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Talks & Coverage

Over time, GlitterGallery has been discussed at various events where other Fedora folk have been present.

Contributor Event Location Type of coverage Relevant Links
Emily Dirsh, Máirín Duffy Libre Graphics Meeting 2012 Vienna Talk Video
Sarup Banskota FOSSASIA 2014 Phnom Penh Talk slides
Sarup Banskota Libre Graphics Meeting 2014 Leipzig Talk Video, slides, commonsmachinery, shuttleworthfoundation, lwn

Fedora Design Team Installation

A link to a working deployment will be always available on the GlitterGallery README[6].

[6] -


We try to have weekly meetings every Wednesday on #glittergallery at Freenode.


Like/hate anything in particular? Just ping one of us and we'll follow up!

  • Sarup: sarup AT glittergallery DOT net Blog
  • Rohit: rohitkuruvilla AT yahoo DOT co DOT in Blog
  • Emily: edirsh AT redhat DOT com

Further links

[1] - Wiki:

[2] - Mo's blog -

[3] - LGM Wikipedia -

[4] - LGM 2012, Vienna -

[5] - LGM 2014, Leipzig -

[6] - README -