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*Earn the best badges
*Earn the best badges
'''[[Join_the_Design_Team | Join the Fedora Design Team now]]'''
[[:Happypanda.png]] '''[[Join_the_Design_Team | Join the Fedora Design Team now]]'''

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This update to the design team page is a work-in-progress, and will change.

About Us

The Fedora Design Team is Fedora's in-house design agency. We provide artwork, user experience, usability, and general design services to the Fedora project.

Our current team goals:

  • Template and Automate - Generate templates, standards, and automation where possible for more efficient and consistent artwork production.
  • Increased focus on UX/usability - Increase the amount of UX and usability work we provide to the Fedora project through both more efficient usage of current designer time and also better recruitment of UX/usability team members and better documentation of UX/usability tasks and processes.
  • FLOSS Creative Tool Education & Outreach - Continue to use the very same free and open source creative tools available in Fedora to design for Fedora, and increase and improve knowledge sharing with the general FLOSS community.
  • Clear Priorities - Strive to be more selective about our focus as a team and set clear priorities so the things that are most important to Fedora are done in a timely and organized manner.



  • New Fedora website
  • Badges [1]
  • Anaconda re-do
  • Most recent Fedora wallpaper

Link out to the full list: wiki/Design/Portfolio

Request design help

The design team provides the following services to Fedora teams, Fedora events, Fedora infrastructure applications and websites, and projects for which Fedora is the upstream:

Join Us

We're always looking for new members. Join the design team and:

  • Get your very own panda*/mentor (*not a real panda)
  • Build your portfolio by working on real-world projects
  • Learn open source design tools from experts - never pay for Creative Suite again!
  • Work with awesome designers from around the world
  • Earn the best badges

Happypanda.png Join the Fedora Design Team now