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This is a draft
This update to the design team page is a work-in-progress, and will change.
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Long Term Projects

Side Projects

Some of the Design Team also started their own projects loosely connected to the Fedora and developed mostly by Design Team members but which can be used outside of Fedora as well. These include:

  • Echo Icon Project: two similar sets of modern icon themes, one aiming to replace bluecurve (Echo Icon Theme), the other aiming at fitting well with modern gnome and kde icon themes (Echo Perspective)
  • Nodoka Theme: themes for graphical user interface elements.

The Fedora Usability Lab

  • Assembly Instructions - so you've got the big black usability box somehow. How do you put it together to get ready to run usability tests? Learn here!
  • Running A Usability Test - you've got the usability lab all set up! Now what? How do you run a test?
  • Post-Test Data Processing - you've just finished a bunch of usability tests - yay! But how do you get the video data off of the usability lab DVR and up on the web to share?
  • Analyzing Usability Data - you've got your videos and filled out task sheets for each of your usability testers. How do you turn that into useful data for developres? Learn how here!
  • Usability Lab Specs - want to purchase parts to assemble your own usability lab? Learn how we did here!