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{{admon/note|This page refers to planning for a past event.| This is an archive of notes on how we put together the [[Marketing FAD 2010]] event, so people can see our original agenda and how we worked the budget and logistics out.}}
== Logistics ==
== Logistics ==

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[edit] Logistics

[edit] Duration

First idea is around the LGM 2010.The dates would be Saturday, May 7-8, 2011 or even better May 14-15.

[edit] Location




  • TBD

Freenode --> #fedora-fad on freenode.

Fedora Talk Extension 2004 (see also

Streaming Audio

[edit] Pickup At Airport

who When Picked Up By Outside Baggage Claim Based on Airline

[edit] Materials / Tools

  • Software! Let's make sure we all have the needed tools installed before we get there. If there is anything specific we need for brand book publishing, video / audio / photo editing, please list it here.
    • Gimp, Incscape and Scribus should be perhaps standard Install
    • darktable, digikam and gimp for Lightboxing and small manipulations
    • If you plan on attending some late late shows detailed below please install the following before arriving:
# yum groupinstall "Development Tools"
# yum install rpmdevtools fedora-packager
  • Cameras / video equipment
# FAS Name &
Full Name bringing
1 Henrik Heigl Canon DSLR with extra lens...
666 Your name here....

[edit] Weather

Per, we're in for rain all weekend, clearing up Monday. If we want to do outside activities on any of these days, they will probably be rained out. Dress appropriately, of course. Temperatures are about 70F (~16C) during the sunny days and lows will be in the low 40F (5C), for those night owls. Most of us are coming from cold climates and will be welcoming these conditions, but keep them in mind.

[edit] Pre-FAD Actions

  • Because of the upcoming LGM there are plenty things to do ;-)

[edit] Agenda

[edit] Day 1

Start time 10:00am.

Strategy and Research. This day's owner is Your name.

Alternatively if we have some Users / Developers from LGM ... maybe some barcamps

[edit] Morning

  • Introductions, logistics, answering questions, etc. (Event Owner)
  • F13/F14/F15 postmortem and discussion and documentation.
    • Brainstorming / Planning on how to get new contributors.
    • Deliverables: (1) List of Short-term / Long-term Goals, wiki-fied. (2) Fixed List of Brainstorming ideas with resources needed information; this works out great as a place for new contributors to find something to do. (3) Wiki-fied Plan on getting new marketing contributors.

[edit] Lunch

We will go out for lunch at ???. maybe the same site as at LGM, maybe something else...

[edit] Afternoon

  • Building / Editing Templates for upcoming Releases to hand out
    • also for spins

[edit] Evening

  • social hacking...

[edit] The optional 'late late show'

  • maybe some packeting skills (someone experienced Packeteer...)

[edit] Deliverables

  • Design Template.

[edit] Day 2

Fedora Photo This day's owner is ???

[edit] Morning

Start time is 10:00 AM

  • Presentation about how to build up for a Photoshooting and get better pictures (Henrik prepared a presentation)
  • workshop / presentation on how to pose for a Photoshooting

[edit] Lunch


[edit] Afternoon

Split into groups to work on different tasks that come out of the morning session.

  • Photoshootings
    • Portraits
    • stuff for Marketing and Collateral Images

[edit] Evening

Group dinner somewhere TBD.

[edit] The optional 'late late show'

[edit] Deliverables

  • ...

[edit] Day 3

Photobook and new things Owner: ???

[edit] Morning

Start time is 10:30am.

[edit] Lunch


[edit] Afternoon


[edit] Evening


[edit] Deliverables


[edit] Other topics

This section is a collection of ideas that aren't currently tied to any part of the agenda.

[edit] Ideas


[edit] Questions

Maybe there are questions who want to be answered... collect them.


[edit] Workshops

  • how to write press releases (see day 4)
  • overview over PR in Opensource (talk from Henrik Heigl ) - also on day 4.
  • Fedora Handbook - Rahul Sundaram
  • ideas?!
  • trifold brochure
  • Quick RPM howto

[edit] Budget

Do we have budget?

[edit] Flights

Name Coming from Budget needed Flight constraints Status
Henrik Heigl Germany, Saarbrücken (SCN) around $600-800 Arriving ..., departing ... TBD
Your name Your location Approximate cost of plane ticket (overestimate, pls) What's the earliest you can leave and the latest you can return? pending approval

[edit] Housing

We will be staying at:


[edit] Other expenses