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== Owner(s), Maintainer(s) and Co-Maintainer(s) ==
== Owner(s), Maintainer(s) and Co-Maintainer(s) ==
* Name: [[User:Sdz|Sebastian Dziallas]] (Owner)
* Name: [[User:luya|Luya Tshimbalanga]] (Owner)
* E-mail: luya at fedoraproject dot org
* Name: [[User:Sdz|Sebastian Dziallas]] (Previous owner)
* E-Mail: sdz at fedoraproject dot org
* E-Mail: sdz at fedoraproject dot org
* Name: [[Pierros Papadeas]] (Maintainer)
* Name: [[Pierros Papadeas]] (Maintainer)
* E-mail: ppapadeas at fedoraproject dot org
* E-mail: ppapadeas at fedoraproject dot org
* Name: [[User:luya|Luya Tshimbalanga]] (Co-Maintainer)
* E-mail: luya at fedoraproject dot org
Planning happens on our [[Design_Suite_Planning|subpage]]. See also the [[Talk:Design_Suite|talk page]].
== Other Positions ==
== Other Positions ==

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Fedora Design Suite


The Design Suite is a Spin targeted towards professional designers, specifically the Fedora Design Team.

Previous Releases

Owner(s), Maintainer(s) and Co-Maintainer(s)

Other Positions

This will be updated at a later date.

Detailed Description

Have you ever wanted to use the tools the Fedora Design Team is using? Or are you probably even looking forward to getting involved in Fedora as a designer? This is your chance.

The Fedora Design Suite includes well-selected applications, fitting a variety of use cases. Whether you decide to work on publishing documents, creating images and pictures or even 3D content, the Design Suite has a fitting tool.


These are packages that have been chosen for inclusion in this release. They may still need packaging help.

Package Status Rationale
graphics group
agave packaged initial selection
blender packaged initial selection
cinepaint packaged initial selection
entangle review required remote acquisition from dSLR cameras
fontforge packaged *the* editor for font files
fontmatrix packaged initial selection
gimp packaged initial selection
GREYCstoration-gimp packaged small one; user request
ImageMagick packaged *the* tool for batch-processing images
inkscape packaged initial selection
mypaint packaged initial selection
nautilus-image-converter packaged initial selection
optipng packaged initial selection
pinta review required (#569038) nice painting tool
postr packaged initial selection
rawtherapee packaged (#569204) sweet tool, recent addition
scribus packaged initial selection
shotwell packaged initial selection
synfig packaged (#479527) initial selection
ufraw packaged initial selection
xournal packaged initial selection
office group
abiword packaged openoffice replacement
dia packaged initial selection
evince packaged pdf files - yay
gnote packaged initial selection
gnumeric packaged openoffice replacement
hamster-applet packaged initial selection
pdfmod review required (#537640) initial selection
internet group
empathy packaged initial selection
evolution packaged initial selection
firefox packaged initial selection
audio & video group
jokosher packaged audacity replacement
pitivi packaged initial selection
rhythmbox packaged initial selection
totem packaged initial selection
system group
gnome-utils packaged initial selection
gtk-recordmydesktop packaged recording tools are good to have

Benefit to Fedora

This spin is insofar beneficial for Fedora itself, as it helps the Design Team by fitting its needs through selecting often used applications and including them on one spin. Additionally, it helps new users interested in design matters to join Fedora, since they'll be able to download the spin and start directly using the applications - without being required to look into the load of available packages. In a way, it fosters the design community inside Fedora.

Kickstart File

  • You can find the kickstart file here

Nightly Builds

Nightly builds of the latest .ks file can be found here.

Sometimes the nights are not so good and resulting to fails. We are working on them! :)

ISO Name / FS Label

  • fedora-19-Live-design-suite


The current list of packages for inclusion is available. Whereas there's also one for package we consider, none of them should block the release of the spin.

We are also working on an equivalent comps group, which is a non-blocking component, though.

Aside from this, no other dependencies are required.

Scope / Testing

Generally, the spin should boot and popular applications like Gimp and Inkscape should work. The nightly builds will make testing quite easier. So far, no extraordinary changes have been included.

Spins Page

How to help:
We're aiming for a site for this spin that looks like the ones at - so this is going to involve (1) figuring out the content and design (use the wiki sections below) - the Spin owner(s) will be helpful for answering questions here, but remember that you are driving the creation if this webpage - and (2) creating the webpage itself, for which the Websites team is also likely to be helpful, though you may need to be creative in terms of finding ways to contact them. They're usually responsive on IRC and on their mailing list, though you may need to use the list to schedule specific times for people to be online if you would like to engage in real-time conversation, due to the many timezones contributors live in. The Websites team can point you towards the HTML template for spins websites so you'll have something to customize, and Mel Chua is happy to teach HTML in person any evening before April 10th if it would be helpful.
Be bold.
Feel free to edit this page; there is an "undo" button, which is the "history" tab at the top of this page; if you click there you'll go to a page where you can roll back any edits you've made). Add new sections. Edit old ones. Take these notes out. Clean it up and make it useful. This page is yours to create - it's everyone's to create.

The latest version of the HTML template with this content is at


  • Open Creativity.

mythcat proposal : "Imagination is more important than knowledge..." by Albert Einstein

Spin description

Looking for a ready-to-go desktop environment brimming with free and open source multimedia production and publishing tools? Try the Design Suite, a Fedora Spin created by designers, for designers.

The Design Suite includes the favorite tools of the Fedora Design Team. These are the same programs we use to create all the artwork that you see within the Fedora Project, from desktop backgrounds to CD sleeves, web page designs, application interfaces, flyers, posters and more. From document publication to vector and bitmap editing or 3D modeling to photo management, the Design Suite has an application for you — and you can install thousands more from Fedora's universe of packages.


The Design Suite features a host of free and open source tools chosen by the Fedora Design Team as their favorites for day-to-day work. It includes:

  • blender for 3D modeling, animation, rendering and post-production
  • bluefish for website design
  • The GIMP, a raster graphics editor
  • MyPaint a digital painting editor
  • Inkscape, a vector graphics editor
  • shotwell for managing photographs
  • scribus for professional-quality document layout
  • xournal, a sketching and document annotation program for tablet PCs
  • dia for creating flowcharts and diagrams
  • and more!


  • Will be done later in the release cycle

Download tab

Support tab

  • IRC channel: #fedora-design on Freenode
  • mailing list:

Custom branding

  • To be discussed with the design team

Comments and Discussion