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Fedora Design Suite


The Design Suite is a Spin targeted towards professional designers, specifically the Fedora Design Team.


Planning happens on our subpage. See also the talk page.

Detailed Description


Benefit to Fedora

This spin is insofar beneficial for Fedora itself, as it helps the Design Team by fitting its needs through selecting often used applications and including them on the spin. Additionally, it helps new users interested in design matters to join Fedora, since they'll be able to download the spin and start directly with the recommended applications, without being required to look into what packages are available. In a way, it fosters the design community inside Fedora.

Kickstart File


ISO Name / FS Label

  • fedora-{%version}-{%arch}-design-suite


The current list of packages for inclusion is available. Whereas there's also one for package we consider, none of them should block the release of the spin.

We are also working on a comps group, which is a non-blocking component, though.

Aside from this, no other dependencies are required.

Scope / Testing

Spins Page


Spin description


Download tab

Support tab

  • IRC channel: #fedora-design
  • mailing list:

Custom branding

  • To be discussed with the design team

Comments and Discussion