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The Design Suite is a Fedora Spin targeted towards professional designers, specifically the Fedora Design Team.


  • target 1: showcase of design team work
  • target 2: typesetting -- fonts, inkscape, color profiles
  • target 3: general art/design work -- gimp, inkscape, color profiles, brushes
  • target 4: video editing -- including screencasting
  • target 5: desktop publishing -- + templates, scribus
  • target 6: website -- with the growing trend toward HTML5, provide a web editor like Bluefish


The latest image is available at nightly compose site in 32 bits (i686) and 64 bits (x86_64).

How to contribute

Current tasks

  • #Download the current version and test it (at this point, you may want to do so in a VM (virtual machine)). Send feedback to the design-team mailing list.
  • Help us fill in our list of #Packages - what would you like to see on a Design Studio Spin and why?

Upcoming milestones

To be determined

Design concepts

This section needs to be filled out.

What are the design concepts we've agreed on for this? Possible examples include:

  • select 'best of breed' apps vs "include as much as possible"
  • restrict to graphics vs also go for audio/video
  • include data vs not including data

Technical requirements

  • Based on: Fedora 19
  • Size: at least 2GB usb stick (in progress) or DVD


To suggest a package we should include, add it to the #Under consideration table.


  • What do we do with brushes?
  • Will we get our own spin design?
  • Which gimp plugins do we include?
  • What about a comps group for the spin?
  • What makes it into a bookmarks package?
  • Will we get great inkscape tutorials packaged [1]?

List of included packages

No longer constrained by the size of livecd, more unique packages are included in the suite. One notable exception is cinepaint remaining as part of default package due to its support of HDR images for higher color fidelity which is missing in Gimp 2.8 (2.9.x does but it is not part of Fedora repository).

Graphic group

Packages Website Summary
blender 3D modeling, animation, rendering and post-production
cinepaint Tool for manipulating HDR images
cmyktool Utility to manage color profiles and convert from RGB to CMYK
colord-extra-profiles More color profiles for color management that are less commonly used
darktable Utility to organize and develop raw images
entangle Tethered shooting & control of digital cameras
fontforge *the* editor for font files
font-manager Font management application
gimp Image manipulation program
gimp-fourier-plugin A simple plug-in to do fourier transform on your image
gimp-lqr-plugin Content-aware resizing plug-in for the GIMP
gimp-resynthesizer Gimp plug-in for texture synthesis
GREYCstoration-gimp GREYCstoration image denoising and interpolation plugin for gimp
Hugin Panorama photo stitcher
ImageMagick *the* tool for batch-processing images
inkscape Vector-based drawing program using SVG
mypaint Fast and easy graphic application for digital painters
nautilus-image-converter Nautilus extension for image conversion
optipng PNG optimizer and converter
pdfshuffler http:// initial selection
scribus Desktop publishing application
shotwell Photo organizer
synfigstudio Vector-based 2D animation studio
xournal Notetaking, sketching, PDF annotation and general journal

Office group

Packages Website Summary
LibreOffice Suite Bundle Writer, Calc, Impress
dia Diagram drawing program
gnote Note-taking application

Internet group

Packages Website Summary
empathy packaged initial selection
evolution packaged initial selection
firefox Browser

Audio and Video group

Packages Website Summary
audacity packaged Multitrack audio editor
pitivi packaged Non-linear video editor
rhythmbox packaged initial selection
totem packaged initial selection

Typeface (aka fonts) group

Packages Website Summary
aajohan-comfortaa-fonts Modern style true type
adobe-source-sans-pro A set of OpenType fonts designed for user interfaces
lato-fonts Sans-serif typeface family
openpass-fonts Typeface based on the U.S. interstate highway road signal type system


These are packages that were suggested but turned down for this release due to size, code maturity, or other reasons.

Package Rationale
name of package Why we're not including it
gthumb replaced by shotwell
koffice-krita pulls a lot of kde stuff in
pngcrush duplicates optipng simply too big simply too big
gnash possibly not mature enough
gwibber pulls in couchdb and erlang
audacity duplicates jokosher
tracker-search-tool it's a live media
vino we don't really need a vnc server
vinagre same goes for a vnc client
openclipart this is way too big
istanbul duplicates gtk-recordmydesktop
hugin pulls in too many deps right now; reconsider at a later date
fyre had issues adding it to the package set; reconsider at a later date
alchemy feature set duplicates that of other/better applications already included
nathive feature set too small. pinta is better suited

Under consideration

Packages we have not yet made a decision on. If you'd like to suggest something for inclusion in the Design Studio, add it to the table below.

Package Status Rationale Proposer
mw not packaged makes VCS access to MediaWiki easier Sebastian Dziallas
phatch not packaged Easily batch process images and edit metadata loboorgen
openshot not packaged Create and edit videos and movies loboorgen
screenruler not packaged Screen Ruler loboorgen
cellwriter already packaged Handwriting Recognition for TabletPCs rjt
vym not packaged Mind-mapping loboorgen
add yours here packaged or not why should we include it your name


Some places to get ideas from: