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The Design Suite is a project in progress to make a Remix (eventually a Spin) targeted towards professional designers, specifically the Fedora Design Team.


Under discussion - please discuss/edit! First round of targets comes from Martin Sourada.

  • target 1: showcase of design team work (perhaps customise the looks of the spin, add more wallpapers, include echo icons?)
  • target 2: typesetting -- fonts, inkscape, TeX, color profiles
  • target 3: general art/design work -- gimp, inkscape, color profiles, brushes, perhaps our echo-artist helper scripts...
  • target 4: video editing -- something for screencasting, something to grab raw video from video camera, pitivi or kino or something like that for cutting, perhaps an app for sound editing/recording, include dirac/schrodinger codec (I think theora, vorbis, flac, etc. are already in), perhaps some app (subtitleeditor, etc) for subtitling
  • target 5: desktop publishing -- + templates, scribus


The latest image is available at (This is a very temporary hosting solution.) This is a work in progress - although it has worked in a VM, it is not finished and may break.

How to contribute

Current tasks

  • #Download the current version and test it (at this point, you may want to do so in a VM (virtual machine)). Send feedback to the design-team mailing list.
  • Help us fill in our list of #Packages - what would you like to see on a Design Studio Spin and why?

Upcoming milestones

The list below is taken directly from the Fedora 13 schedule - milestones specific to this project should be added in.

  • 2010-02-09 - Fedora 13 is branched from Rawhide
  • 2010-03-02 - Alpha public availability
  • 2010-04-06 - Beta public availability
  • 2010-04-28 - Bug Complete (No More Changes)
  • 2010-05-11 - Fedora 13 GA release

Design concepts

This section needs to be filled out.

What are the design concepts we've agreed on for this? Possible examples include:

  • select 'best of breed' apps vs "include as much as possible"
  • restrict to graphics vs also go for audio/video
  • include data vs not including data

Technical requirements

  • Based on: Fedora 13
  • Size: CD size? 2GB USB sticks?


To suggest a package we should include, add it to the #Under consideration table.


These are packages that have been chosen for inclusion in this release. They may still need packaging help.

Package Status Rationale
name of package packaged or not? Why we're including it


These are packages that were suggested but turned down for this release due to size, code maturity, or other reasons.

Package Rationale
name of package Why we're not including it

Under consideration

Packages we have not yet made a decision on. If you'd like to suggest something for inclusion in the Design Studio, add it to the table below.

Package Status Rationale Proposer
name of package packaged or not? Why should we include it? Your name


Some places to get ideas from: