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Web Browsing for the Desktop

by Christopher Aillon

The web browser is a key application on today's Desktop. As such, we need to ensure the browsing experience is optimal for the user.

The current default browser in Fedora is Mozilla Firefox . There are a few things we can do in Firefox to make the user experience better, mostly relating to OS Integration. See the upstream tracker bug for some ideas.

Some of the more important items for Fedora are:

  • Printing
  • Need print dialog that better integrates with GNOME
  • Locale support
  • Need more, better locales.
  • Third party items
  • Need to be able to install extensions, plugins, etc. into the user profile (without requiring root)
  • Downloads
  • Need support for multiple helper applications, not just the default.

Other items we need to take care of are:

  • Build issues
  • build on ppc,ppc64