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|<class="yes" |  ||[[/PhoneSync| Evolution Phone synchronization]] || or Why is Linux still inferior as desktop ||2008-10-29
|<class="yes" |  ||[[/HybridSuspend| Hybrid Suspend]] || Merge suspend and hibernate ||2008-10-27
|<class="yes" |  ||[[/HybridSuspend| Hybrid Suspend]] || Merge suspend and hibernate ||2008-10-27

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Design workspaces for things we may want to see in our desktop. Proto-features. Bluesky, crackrock, good shit, or low-hanging fruit.

Evolution Phone synchronization or Why is Linux still inferior as desktop 2008-10-29
Hybrid Suspend Merge suspend and hibernate 2008-10-27
Power Management Defaults Fix the power manager default settings 2008-10-27
Firewall What does a firewall offer a desktop 2008-10-27
Menu Icons Removing icons from menus 2008-10-27
GNOME Shell A new environment for the GNOME desktop 2008-10-27
Better Hostname A better hostname 2008-10-27
Fast Boot Start quickly 2008-10-27
Firefox Downloads Make Firefox downloads not suck 2008-10-27
Desktop Search Find my stuff 2008-10-27
Tablet Support Make tablets just work 2008-10-27
Notification Center Better notification management 2008-10-27
Input Methods Make SCIM not suck 2008-10-27
Better Make rock 2008-10-27
Better Instant Messaging Improve IM workflow 2008-10-27
Video Chat Video chatting 2008-10-27
Experience Index Is it useful to have an experience index? 2008-10-27
Standalone Web Apps Install web mail/apps as applications 2008-10-27
Remove Administration Tools Remove the Administration and System Tools menus 2008-10-27
Remove About Menu Items Remove the About Fedora/GNOME/Computer menu items 2008-10-27
Music Sync Make portable music players just work 2008-10-27
Photo Upload Make it easy to upload photos from a camera to the web 2008-10-27
Backup Secure your data and feel good while doing it 2008-10-27
Inhibit APIs Consolidate our various inhibit APIs 2008-10-27
GDM Screen Lock Use GDM as the lock screen 2008-10-27
Better Fonts What can we do to improve our font collection 2008-10-27
Control Center Still a trainwreck. What to do? 2008-10-27
Weather Alerts Integrate weather alerts into clock applet 2008-10-27
Location Awareness Integrate location awareness into the desktop 2008-10-27
User Account Management A new User and Group Management tool 2008-10-27
Guest User Support guest users 2008-10-27
Better Face Images Improve the quality of the default face images 2008-10-27
Wallpaper Improve the quality of the default desktop wallpapers 2008-10-27
Background channels Get your backgrounds online 2008-10-27
Volume control Intuitive volume control 2008-10-27
Live USB Can we make the Live USB experience better than Live CD? 2008-10-28
P2V Migration Keep your previous OS - in a VM 2008-10-28
Drive Sharing Share a CD drive over the network 2008-10-28
Modern Virtual Consoles A modern replacement for VT+getty 2008-10-28
Per-user X Server Run X server as user 2008-10-28
User Switch Transitions Nice transitions when switching users 2008-10-28
Secure Desktop A place to ask security questions? 2008-10-28
Smartcard Authentication Make smartcards support great 2008-10-28
Fingerprint Authentication Make fingerprint support great 2008-10-28