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We should fix application names.

Please see the following thread for a detailed discussion:

Some general rules:

  • Desktop file Name value, application menu (for gnome-shell), titlebar (for gnome 2), documentation, and about dialog should all use the same name
  • Desktop file Name value should be the simple "brand" name unless the application is a core GNOME built-in and does not have an external brand identity (web site, online help, etc)

Current Name Description Name Fullname ID Default? Bug #
AbiWord Compose, edit, and view documents AbiWord AbiWord fedora-abiword.desktop no
Archive Manager Create and modify an archive Archive Manager Archive Manager gnome-file-roller.desktop
Archive Mounter None Archive Mounter Archive Mounter mount-archive.desktop
Audio CD Extractor Copy music from your CDs Sound Juicer Sound Juicer Audio CD Extractor sound-juicer.desktop no
Autorun Prompt None Autorun Prompt Autorun Prompt gnome-nautilus-autorun-software.desktop
Brasero Disc Burner Create and copy CDs and DVDs Brasero Brasero Disc Burner brasero.desktop yes
Bug Report Tool Report a bug in GNOME-based applications Bug Report Tool Bug Report Tool gnome-bug-buddy.desktop yes
Calculator Perform arithmetic, scientific or financial calculations Calculator Calculator gnome-gcalctool.desktop yes [1]
Catalog Installer Install a catalog of software on the system Catalog Installer Catalog Installer gpk-install-catalog.desktop no
Character Map Insert special characters into documents Character Map Character Map gnome-gucharmap.desktop yes [2]
Cheese Webcam Booth Take photos and videos with your webcam, with fun graphical effects Cheese Cheese Webcam Booth cheese.desktop yes
Configuration Editor Directly edit your entire configuration database Configuration Editor Configuration Editor gnome-gconf-editor.desktop no
Devhelp Developer's Help program Devhelp Devhelp gnome-devhelp.desktop no
Dictionary Check word definitions and spellings in an online dictionary Dictionary Dictionary gnome-dictionary.desktop yes
Disc Copier Copy CDs and DVDs Disc Copier Disc Copier brasero-copy-medium.desktop
Disk Usage Analyzer Check folder sizes and available disk space Disk Usage Analyzer Disk Usage Analyzer gnome-baobab.desktop
Disk Utility Manage Drives and Media Disk Utility Disk Utility palimpsest.desktop
Document Viewer View multipage documents Document Viewer Document Viewer evince.desktop
Emacs Text Editor Edit text Emacs Text Editor Emacs Text Editor emacs.desktop
Email Send email and manage your schedule Email Email redhat-email.desktop
Empathy Instant Messenger Send and receive instant messages Empathy Instant Messenger Empathy Instant Messenger fedora-empathy.desktop
Epiphany Web Browser Browse the web Epiphany Web Browser Epiphany Web Browser epiphany.desktop
Evolution Mail and Calendar Manage your email, contacts and schedule Evolution Mail and Calendar Evolution Mail and Calendar evolution.desktop
Evolution Mail and Calendar Manage your email, contacts and schedule Evolution Mail and Calendar Evolution Mail and Calendar preferred-mail-reader.desktop
File Browser Browse the file system with the file manager File Browser File Browser gnome-nautilus-browser.desktop
File Manager None File Manager File Manager gnome-nautilus.desktop
Firefox Web Browser Browse the Web Firefox Web Browser Firefox Web Browser mozilla-firefox.desktop
Firefox Web Browser Browse the Web Firefox Web Browser Firefox Web Browser preferred-web-browser.desktop
Font Viewer Preview fonts Font Viewer Font Viewer gnome-font-viewer.desktop
GNOME Build Tool Build GNOME modules GNOME Build Tool GNOME Build Tool jhbuild.desktop
GNOME Do Do things as quickly as possible (but no quicker) with your files, bookmarks, applications, music, contacts, and more! GNOME Do GNOME Do gnome-do.desktop
GNU Image Manipulation Program Create images and edit photographs GNU Image Manipulation Program GNU Image Manipulation Program gimp.desktop
Image Viewer Browse and rotate images Image Viewer Image Viewer gnome-eog.desktop
Indic Onscreen Keyboard Enter Indic characters with a virtual keyboard Indic Onscreen Keyboard Indic Onscreen Keyboard fedora-iok.desktop
Inkscape Vector Graphics Editor Create and edit Scalable Vector Graphics images Inkscape Vector Graphics Editor Inkscape Vector Graphics Editor fedora-inkscape.desktop
Install to Hard Drive Install the live CD to your hard disk Install to Hard Drive Install to Hard Drive liveinst.desktop
Internet Messenger Send instant messages over multiple protocols Internet Messenger Internet Messenger pidgin.desktop
LASH Panel LASH Control Panel LASH Panel LASH Panel fedora-lash-panel.desktop
Log File Viewer View or monitor system log files Log File Viewer Log File Viewer gnome-system-log.desktop
Manage Print Jobs Cancel, pause, resume or reprint jobs Manage Print Jobs Manage Print Jobs manage-print-jobs.desktop
Metacity None Metacity Metacity metacity.desktop
Movie Player Play movies and songs Movie Player Movie Player totem.desktop Impress Create and edit presentations for slideshows, meeting and Web pages by using Impress. Impress Impress Writer Create and edit text and graphics in letters, reports, documents and Web pages by using Writer. Writer Writer
Package Installer Install selected software on the system Package Installer Package Installer gpk-install-file.desktop
Panel Launch other applications and provide various utilities to manage windows, show the time, etc. Panel Panel gnome-panel.desktop
Power Statistics Observe power management Power Statistics Power Statistics gnome-power-statistics.desktop
PulseAudio Volume Control Adjust the volume level PulseAudio Volume Control PulseAudio Volume Control pavucontrol.desktop
Rhythmbox Music Player Play and organize your music collection Rhythmbox Music Player Rhythmbox Music Player rhythmbox.desktop
SELinux Policy Generation Tool Generate SELinux policy modules SELinux Policy Generation Tool SELinux Policy Generation Tool fedora-selinux-polgengui.desktop
Software Log Viewer View past package management tasks Software Log Viewer Software Log Viewer gpk-log.desktop
Sound Recorder Record sound clips Sound Recorder Sound Recorder gnome-sound-recorder.desktop
System Monitor View current processes and monitor system state System Monitor System Monitor gnome-system-monitor.desktop
Take Screenshot Save images of your desktop or individual windows Take Screenshot Take Screenshot gnome-screenshot.desktop
Terminal Use the command line Terminal Terminal gnome-terminal.desktop
Text Editor Edit text files Text Editor Text Editor gedit.desktop
Thesaurus Lookup words in a thesaurus Thesaurus Thesaurus fedora-aiksaurus.desktop
Transmission BitTorrent Client Download and share files over BitTorrent Transmission BitTorrent Client Transmission BitTorrent Client transmission.desktop
VPN Connection Manager (OpenVPN) Add, Remove, and Edit VPN Connections VPN Connection Manager (OpenVPN) VPN Connection Manager (OpenVPN) nm-openvpn.desktop
VPN Connection Manager (vpnc) Add, Remove, and Edit VPN Connections VPN Connection Manager (vpnc) VPN Connection Manager (vpnc) nm-vpnc.desktop
Web Browser Browse the web Web Browser Web Browser redhat-web.desktop
XChat IRC Chat with other people using Internet Relay Chat XChat IRC XChat IRC xchat.desktop
gThumb Image Viewer View and organize your images gThumb Image Viewer gThumb Image Viewer gthumb-importer.desktop
gThumb Image Viewer View and organize your images gThumb Image Viewer gThumb Image Viewer gthumb.desktop
gThumb Photo Import Tool Import the photos on your camera card gThumb Photo Import Tool gThumb Photo Import Tool gthumb-import.desktop
xine Video Player xine xine xine.desktop
xterm Terminal Terminal emulator for the X Window System xterm Terminal xterm Terminal fedora-xterm.desktop