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FESCo Open Issues

This page describes all open actions that are currently handled by the Fedora Engineering Steering Commitee (FESCo). The committee currently has 9 members (look at the FESCo page for their real names and their nicknames -- the latter are used on this page to show who owns a task).

FESCo looks at this list in their weekly meetings . All topics listed here normally have an owner because things tend to get stuck if there is no one who drives stuff forward (or is poked to work further on it).

You think FESCo needs to handle another issue? See Meeting Guidelines for information on how to propose a new topic. Or:

  • Add it to the Container and hope somebody runs with it.
  • Send a mail to the FESCo Chair, and hope somebody runs with it.
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Hint: The right column in below table is only an overview of the status and the remaing todo-items. For the full contect of a topic please click on the name of the topic in the left column and you'll normally find a own page that describes everything in more detail
Task Name Owner Target Date Notes
Priority 1 -- Look at it in every meeting
Auditing all Fedora packages for proper review c4chris, tibbs, nirik
MISC all right away
Priority 1.5 -- Standing events, normally visitied each meeting
Packaging Committee Report spot, abadger1999, rdieter, tibbs, scop ongoing A representative from the packaging committee will send a report after each committee meeting to for public discussion. In order to give ample discussion time, this report should be sent no less than 24 hours before the next FESCo meeting; if the report is late, the veto period will be extended by one additional FESCo meeting. FESCo may also extend the veto period if there is still ongoing discussion.
Administrative requests Meeting Chair ongoing
Features poelcat ongoing
Priority 2 -- Do it soon
Sponsor Criteria tibbs
Priority 3 -- Do it at some point
Compat Policy bpepple Jan '08 Has been dropped for now, due to response that it's not needed. Will keep it here for now, in case a need for it shows-up in the future.
Alternative paths of membership advancement
MISC long term all not urgent
Priority 3.5 -- handled mostly by other groups, but needed for Fedora

Fedora Feature Dashboard

This page is maintained by the Feature Wrangler --he gets less confused if he is the only person making changes :)

Proposed Fedora Features

Ready for Feature Wrangler

Ready For FESCo

  • Feature pages in Category:FeatureReadyForFesco indicate that they have been reviewed by the Feature Wrangler and are ready for FESCo's review.
  • FESCo tracks features to be reviewed in their ticketing system after they reach Category:FeatureReadyForFesco. If you are a feature owner you should be notified prior to the meeting so you can be present. Routine meeting information for FESCo is found on the FESCo page. However, FESCo does hold supplementary meetings from time to time. If you do not know the meeting time, you can ask on IRC Freenode, #fedora-devel, or email the FESCo list.

Accepted Fedora 14 Features

Feature Pages Under Construction

Process & Policy

Fedora Engineering Closed Issues

Issues that we've closed are listed on their own Closed Issues page . Y'know, so we can actually track some progress.