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For the last election, see Development/SteeringCommittee/NominationsJune2011

In the November 2011 election, there are 4 seats open. Seats are currently held by: Adam Jackson (ajax), Christoph Wickert (cwickert), Matthew Garrett (mjg59), and Marcela Mašláňová (mmaslano).

Person Name (IRC nickname)

  • Mission Statement:
  • Past work summary:
  • Future plans:

Justin Forbes (jforbes)

  • Mission Statement: Work to make Fedora a distribution the community can be proud of, with focus on both features and stability. Stressing the balance of new features with QA and release engineering to make Fedora releases both innovative and high quality.
  • Past work summary: My original involvement in the Fedora project was working on the port to x86_64 for FC1. More recently I have been focused on virtualization within Fedora and the Cloud SIG.
  • Future plans: Strive to make Fedora the best freely available distribution. Focus on improving improving the developer/tester interaction, the feature process, and general communication with the community.

Jon Ciesla (limburgher)

  • Mission Statement: To further the goals of the project and Free Software in general by helping enable contributors to bring the highest quality and most diverse collection of software to the distribution.
  • Past work summary: I've been a Fedora user since RHL 7.1, and an active packager since 2007, as well as a sponsor and member of the FPC. I initially focused on games and php applications, but have expanded to other things over time. I also encounter and deal with many of the issues we encounter as a project in the course of my day job.
  • Future plans: Ideally, I'd like to find ways to encourage and educate new contributors. I've sponsored a few new packagers, but would like to help shorten the time from first interest to active packager, and can only do so much on my own. I also have ideas and opinions on many areas FESCO address, and would like to contribute what experience I have to those conversations.