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Nominations are open.
The nomination period starts 2011-05-07 and ends on 2011-05-15 at 23:59:59.

In the May 2011 election, there are 5 seats open. Seats are currently held by: Kevin Fenzi (nirik) (Chair), Bill Nottingham (notting), Kyle McMartin (kyle), Steven M. Parrish (tuxbrewr) and Matthias Clasen (mclasen).

Person Name (IRC nickname)

  • Mission Statement:
  • Past work summary:
  • Future plans:

Peter Jones (pjones)

  • Mission Statement: To help make Fedora the best Linux distribution for developers and users.
  • Past work summary: I've worked on Linux for Red Hat for more than a decade in various roles including technical support and engineering. I'm one of the anaconda maintainers as well as the maintainer of (thankfully now deprecated) mkinitrd, and am or have been maintainer Fedora's packages for booty, cdparanoia, dumpet, gnu-efi, grub, python-pyblock, syslinux, and others. I've worked on many levels of our software stack, including implementing installation and boot support for iSCSI, UEFI, dmraid, from the kernel all the way up through userspace, as well as the upstream maintainer of kernel drivers for iSCSI booting and the UEFI framebuffer. I've served on FESCo in the past, have helped define and refine our policies since before that, and continue to do so.
  • Future plans: Continue to help with improvement of our processes, policies, and tools, in order to facilitate building the best OS possible. One important facet of that will be to continue refining the systems and processes for our updates, including improving testing procedures, and making these procedures work better for developers.


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