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Put your nominations here (keep them in alphabetic order please).

There are 5 seats open in this election. The seats open are currently held by Kevin Fenzi, Dennis Gilmore, Bill Nottingham, Brian Pepple, and David Woodhouse.


Bill Nottingham

  • Mission Statement: I plan to represent the Fedora community in FESCo with an eye towards maintaining the quality and standards of the Fedora distribution, including features, testing, release engineering, and so on.
  • Past work summary: Red Hat employee since 1998, developer on Red Hat Linux since 5.1, Fedora contributor since its inception, FESCo member, Fedora board member, Release engineering team member, and assorted other roles.
  • Future plans: Continue to make Fedora the best freely available distribution anywhere.

Kevin Kofler (Kevin_Kofler)

  • Mission Statement: KDE as a first-class citizen! I plan to represent KDE SIG in FESCo and to ensure KDE enjoys a first-class role in Fedora.
  • Past work summary: Fedora contributor and KDE SIG member since the KDE SIG's inception in 2007, comaintainer of the core KDE packages in Fedora, maintainer of the CalcForge repository for Fedora, KDE developer (maintainer of Kompare).
  • Future plans: Continue to make KDE in Fedora great. Merge as many of the CalcForge packages as possible into Fedora itself.

David Woodhouse (dwmw2)

  • Mission Statement: Work to make Fedora as good as it possibly can be. With a particular focus on portability and smaller systems such as netbooks and OLPC.
  • Past work summary: Kernel developer. RHL contributor since the mid-1990s, Fedora since it started. Red Hat employee 2000-2008, now at Intel Open Source Technology Centre.
  • Future plans: Promote the development and use of Fedora wherever possible.

Seth Vidal (skvidal)

  • Mission Statement: New old blood is good. I've been away from fesco for quite some time and I think I can help keep fesco focused.
  • Past work summary: Red Hat employee since 2007, developer on Yum, createrepo - pretty much all of the *repo* tools. Fedora Board member until F11 and early FESCo member and various and sundry other roles.
  • Future plans: Work on repository checking tools to refine what gets released to users before it gets too far to pull back.

Ian Weller (ianweller)


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