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Wiki CSS teaking

Some ideas of design tweaking to increase the usability of the wiki.

Since most of the comments for the first drafts were positive, I went on and produced a CSS that overrides the default theme values: To test it, go to UserPreferences and put the above in the "User CSS URL" box.

Basically the most important changes were:

  • increased the font size to a more internet-natural size
  • fixed spacing between headings and paragraphs
  • put a bg color on H2 headings
  • removed the bottom-border from H3
  • Replaced default proprietary Verdana font with DejaVu one


[[Image:DimitrisGlezos_WikiDesignTuning_||[[Image:DimitrisGlezos_WikiDesignTuning_FPorgS1bsmall.png] ||

On the left are the screeshots before applying the CSS and on the right after.

[[Image:DimitrisGlezos_WikiDesignTuning_|| [[Image:DimitrisGlezos_WikiDesignTuning_FPorgS1.png,width=300] || [[Image:DimitrisGlezos_WikiDesignTuning_FPorgS1b.png,width=300] || [[Image:DimitrisGlezos_WikiDesignTuning_|| [[Image:DimitrisGlezos_WikiDesignTuning_FPorgS2.png,width=300] || [[Image:DimitrisGlezos_WikiDesignTuning_FPorgS2b.png,width=300] || [[Image:DimitrisGlezos_WikiDesignTuning_|| [[Image:DimitrisGlezos_WikiDesignTuning_FPorgS3.png,width=300] || [[Image:DimitrisGlezos_WikiDesignTuning_FPorgS3b.png,width=300] ||