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Fedora Free Media Program Information


Fedora Free Media Program is a volunteer initiative under Fedora Distribution Project that aims to distribute Fedora Core media (DVDs) for free to individuals. Local Fedora Ambassadors or Contributors are invited to participate.


  • 2006-02-14 Fedora Free Media Program launched.

Relationship with Fedora Ambassadors

  • Free Media was originally created by concerned members of the Fedora Ambassadors Project in an effort to deliver Fedora installation media to more users.
  • The Free Media and Sponsored Media programs work directly with Fedora Ambassadors to advance the spread of Fedora.
  • The Ambassadors Project supports the Free Media program and works to provide free Fedora installation media to those who could not otherwise afford it.
  • The Ambassadors Project laid the groundwork for the Free Media program from a desire to spread Fedora to as many people as possible.


  • Limit to only 1 DVD per request per person per release to cut cost and time.
  • Please note this is a volunteer initiative by local Fedora Ambassadors or Contributors who are willing to burn DVDs and ship them with their own resources (DVD writer, blank media, shipping materials and postage).
  • This means they can only ship a limited number of DVDs per week. You can expect them to send out an average of 2 DVDs a week.
  • Your Free Media request might not be fulfilled at this time as this program depends on their own time and expenses.
  • If you're a Fedora Ambassador or Fedora Contributor, you will not receive any DVD via this program.
  • Please note we can't ship media to U.S. embargoed or restricted destinations. See Fedora Export Control Product Matrix

Available Media

How the Program Works

  • When a user submits a request for a DVD or LiveCD via the Free Media Request form, the request will be sent to a mailing list.
  • When the request reaches the mailing list, it will be reviewed and discussed among members of the list.
  • Each member in the list will be responsible to fulfill the Free Media Request for your country.
  • You may also accept requests from other countires other than your country.
  • If you accept the request, please type I accept this request in the body when you reply to the request.
  • It's not necessary but if you wish to confirm the request to the user, please remove the instruction from the body to avoid the confusion.
  • IMPORTANT Please do not change the original subject in the email as we track all requests by the subject thread.