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Fedora Free Media Program - Join

Fedora Free Media Program is about GIVING free media to the Community NOT receiving free media from Fedora Project.
Before you join, please read the information page carefully.
Specially Guidelines and How the Program Works

What do we expect from a contributor

  • Are you capable of downloading the latest Fedora ISO images for binary and source?
  • Do you have a DVD burner?
  • Do you know how to burn a Fedora ISO image to DVD burner?
  • Are you willing to burn at least 2 or 3 DVDs a month and ship it on your own expense?

If you answered Yes on all the above questions, you might be the right person to join this program.

yes i want it!

How to join the program

Please note this program is not mean to *receive* free media but *give* free media to your local community. In order to participate in this program, you'll need a DVD burner and a commitment to give away at least two or three media per month.
  • If you're still intetested in this program, please apply for "freemedia" group via Fedora Account System .