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= Fedora Free Media Program Peru =
== About ==
* The Free Media program is run by voluntary group of Ambassadors and other contributors to fulfill the Free Media requests, the number of Media shipped every month may change...
* We appreciate all of the support and interest we have received so far, and we hope that more volunteers will step forward to help us increase our capacity and accept a larger number of requests.
* If you'd like to participate, please contact the coordinator.
* '''General Policy''': One media per person per release + source media if requested.
== How To ==
* Use the [[Distribution/FreeMedia|  Free Media Request Form]]  on this page to fill a request when it is active.
* Please do not mail contributors requesting CD/DVD. The only way to get a Free Fedora Media is through the [[Distribution/FreeMedia|  Free Media Request Form]]
== Announcement ==
* 2008-07-03 Fedora Free Media Program Peru is officially launched. Please contact the coordinator to become a contributing member.
== Coordinator ==
* [[EduardoSalgado]]
== Team Members ==
* ...
== Free Media Requests Queue ==
* [[Distribution/FreeMedia/Peru/June2008|June 2008]]

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