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Free Media Program USA - December 2008

  • Checkmark.png means the request has been accepted by Ambassadors or Contributors
  • General Policy: One media per person per release + source media if requested.
  • This month we shall accept around 25 requests (if fulfilled we shall accept more)

Free Media Requests in Queue for December 2008

  1. Elvis Ho F10 x86 DVD
  2. Darryl Perry F10 x86 DVD
  3. Abraham Ramos F10 x86 DVD
  4. Bruce Thatcher F10 x86 DVD
  5. Alan Pae F10 x86 DVD
  6. Meng-Hsun Yang F10 x86 DVD
  7. Robert Pena F10 x86_64 DVD
  8. Antonio Cosmin Ionita F10 x86 DVD
  9. Satish Tipirneni F10 x86 DVD
  10. Per Jacobsen F10 x86 DVD
  11. Jill Cheilik F10 x86 DVD
  12. Antonio Cruz F10 x86_64 Live
  13. Alexander Faraday F10 x86 DVD
  14. Dan Cardin F10 x86 DVD
  15. Frank Padron F10 x86 Live
  16. Glen Sullivan F10 x86 Live
  17. Jeff Randall F10 x86 DVD
  18. Timothy Riley F10 x86 DVD
  19. Brian Alvarado F10 x86 DVD
  20. Victor Castillo F10 x86 DVD
  21. Victor Castillo F10 Source DVD
  22. Willie Ha F10 x86 DVD
  23. Ethan Pearl F10 x86_64 DVD
  24. Mark Eiben F10 x86 DVD
  25. Charles Gibson F10 x86 DVD
  26. Scott Davis F10 x86 DVD