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Free Media Program USA - January 2009

  • Checkmark.png means the request has been accepted by Ambassadors or Contributors
  • General Policy: One media per person per release + source media if requested.
  • This month we shall accept around 35 requests (if fulfilled we shall accept more)

Free Media Requests in Queue for January 2009

  1. Brendan Brewster F10 x86 Checkmark.png
  2. Brendan Brewster F10 Source Checkmark.png
  3. Madhur Singhai F10 x86 Checkmark.png
  4. Heriberto A. Cabrera F10 x86
  5. Steven Klinger F10 x86 Live
  6. Paul Coates F10 PPC
  7. Robert Voigt F10 x86
  8. Frank Devine F10 x86 Checkmark.png John Rose
  9. Pete Demitro F10 x86
  10. Alexander Blank F10 x86 Checkmark.png John Rose
  11. Shinji Ikari F10 Source
  12. Daniel S. Elliott F10 x86
  13. Sanchit Chadha F10 x86 Live
  14. Wayne Reynolds F10 x86
  15. N. Alberto Cross F10 x86
  16. Norberto Roche F10 x86
  17. Taylor Jackson F10 x86
  18. Bailey Hanson F10 x86 Checkmark.png John Rose
  19. Becky Levi F10 x86
  20. Kamin Horvath F10 x86
  21. Gail V. Lindsey F10 x86
  22. James Cortes F10 x86
  23. Kenneth Clive F10 x86
  24. Robert Beard F10 x86
  25. Robert Millar F10 x86 Checkmark.png John Rose
  26. Scott Burton F10 x86
  27. Kevin Shu F10 x86
  28. Jack Carpenter F10 x86
  29. Bill Johnson F10 x86_64
  30. Justin Jefferys F10 x86_64
  31. Robert Harner F10 x86
  32. Robert Harner F10 Source
  33. Rafael Ramos F10 x86 Live
  34. Ravi Kanth Majety F10 x86_64
  35. Alphonse Liu F10 x86_64
  36. Nafiul Alam Siddique F10 x86
  37. Brian Carey F10 x86
  38. Madhuri Kale F10 x86 Live
  39. Ashok Kumar F10 x86_64 Checkmark.png