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We recognize that many people do not have sufficient bandwidth to easily download an entire operating system. This is one of the reasons that the Trademark Guidelines are written to allow third parties to sell physical media containing Fedora, as long as they comply with the guidelines.

Of course, allowing this solves only half of the problem. The other half is making the vendors easy to find. Therefore, we are providing a list of some third-party vendors who offer Fedora on physical media. We are doing this without providing any guarantees in regards to the media sold by these vendors. (However, the Trademark Guidelines do require that the vendors themselves warranty the media that they sell and that a statement about the warranty be on the order form webpage.)

We are happy to help Fedora users by providing links to providers of physical media. However, we disclaim all responsibility for the media sold by these third parties. We reserve the right to remove from the list, or not add to the list, any vendors who, in our sole determination, are not abiding by the Trademark Guidelines or fulfilling their obligations to the community.

If you would prefer to buy media locally, check the LocalVendors page for a vendor near you. Please consider sponsoring an additional disc for others who could not otherwise afford it.

Listing Requirements
In order to be listed in the Online Vendors list, you must have an online store that sells Fedora on physical media.

If you wish to have your company listed as a Online Vendor for Fedora, or if you need to update your listing, please notify us at with subject Online Vendors List and the following details.

Name of Business:
URL to Fedora Media:

Remember, we do reserve the right to refuse or modify any listing at any time and for any reason.

Graphical Regions
The following geographical regions are based upon The United Nations Standard Country and Area Codes Classifications (M49).
Explanation of Symbols
Sponsored Media Program Vendor
SHA1/SHA256 Checksum Verified
This vendor is distributing Re-Spin ISOs


Northern America[1]


Northern Europe

Western Europe

[1] Please note this is Northern America not North America. The continent of North America (003) comprises Northern America (021), Caribbean (029), and Central America (013). See UN M49 Definition