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Fedora Sponsored Media Program


Fedora Sponsored Media is a volunteer initiative under the Fedora Distribution Project to distribute Fedora DVD or CD media for free to individuals when someone sponsors the cost of that physical media with a vendor. All vendors, including corporations and individuals, are invited to participate.

How the Program Works

When you order physical media from a participating vendor, you have the opportunity to sponsor the cost of additional media for others who could not otherwise afford it, such as those in developing nations.

This program will reduce demands for the Fedora Free Media Program tremendously. Requests to the Free Media program will be shared with Sponsored Media vendors.


If you're already one of our Fedora Media OnlineVendors and would like to participate in this program, please contact ThomasChung.

Passing on Proceeds

If your vendor would like to pass on the proceeds collected via Sponsored Media Program, please contact ThomasChung for more information.


This program is part of the Fedora Distribution Project .