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= Introduction =
#REDIRECT [[Diversity_Advisor]]
Fedora is a big community that includes contributors and users from many different countries, each with their own experiences and historical backgrounds that contribute to a diverse mix of cultural, educational, and behavioral norms. To continuously create and foster an inclusive environment in the Fedora community, it’s important to respond to the needs of existing contributors and users, and welcome new contributors and users from diverse backgrounds.
The '''Fedora Diversity Adviser''' acts as a source of support and information for all contributors and users, especially those from underrepresented populations, so that issues of inclusion and equity can be discussed and addressed with the planning of multiculturalism and comfort. The Fedora Diversity Adviser will lead initiatives to assess and promote equality and inclusion within the Fedora contributor and user communities, and will develop project strategy on diversity issues. The Diversity Adviser will also be the point of contact for Fedora’s participation in third-party outreach programs and events.
'''Current Fedora Diversity Adviser is [[user:tatica|Maria "tatica" Leandro]]'''
= Responsibilities =
* Implement diversity efforts that will have a big effect on the Fedora community
* Promote inclusion in the Fedora community
* Act as a source of support and a mediator should there be any concerns or incidents
* Increase visibility of minority contributors and users through talks, feature articles, and awards
* Make explicit invitations and providing financial support to attend conferences and give talks
* Help develop skills by offering targeted workshops and internships
* Create a welcoming environment by adopting and enforcing codes of conduct
* Fostering communication, networking, and support forums with mailing lists and in-person events
= Meetings =
The Diversity Adviser will available weekly on Thursday at 12:30 (pm) UTC in #fedora-diversity. You're invited to join!
([ Check your local time] )
= Resources =
* [ Mailing List]
* [ Mailing List Archives]
= Goals =
* '''Survey''': A small survey to know how diverse our community is will help us understand the reach of our contributors, their experiences, needs and culture prior to start any project. ''(In development)''
* '''Yearly Report''': Once we start gathering statistics, we will be able to provide a full report by the end of the year with the results, programs, events and new contributors.
* '''Diversity Inbox''': Establish a small page where people can read our latest  statistics about our diverse group, some of our efforts, plans, etc. ''(In development)''
* '''Inclusion Programs''': Create programs to help each minority group. Gather volunteers to meet once a week/month and learn about their differences in a positive way (Language, Culture, identity, etc). Spread knowledge beyond just technology.
= Current Activities =
== Fedora Women Day - July 15-17, 2016 ==
== Magazine Articles ==
=== Dissabilities on IT ===
* Leanderthal
* Nagui
* tatica
=== GSoC Female participation ===
==== List of people to interview ====
* Amita
* marinaz
'''To interview'''
* mizmo
* emichan
* Laura
* Amita
* Rbergeron

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