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* [[Communicate/IRCHowTo| How to use IRC for communication in Fedora]]
* [[Communicate/IRCHowTo| How to use IRC for communication in Fedora]]
* [[Security_Guide| Security Guide]]
* [[Security_Guide| Security Guide]]
* [[VirtualizationQuickStart]]
'''New contributors'''
'''New contributors'''

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Fedora Project Documentation

Here you will find the formal documentation for Fedora, as well as draft documents that aren't yet finished. Formal documentation is the responsibility of the DocsProject .

Published Documentation

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Draft Documents

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Draft documents may be incomplete or contain errors
  • Beats - These are the very latest Release Notes for Fedora, as they are developed
  • - The entire Wiki has many useful documents, which are not formal Fedora documents but may be what you need. Try the Wiki search to find your topic.

Fedora Project Documents

  • Legal - Legal documents for the Fedora Project (Includes licenses)

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