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(Project details: Weekly meeting time has changed to Mondays at 1400 UTC)
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! Meetings
! Meetings
| Weekly at {{fpchat|#fedora-meeting}}, Monday at 1:00pm UTC<BR>[[Docs_Project_meetings#Agenda_for_Next_Meeting|Next Meeting Agenda]]
| Weekly at {{fpchat|#fedora-meeting}}, Monday at 2:00pm UTC<BR>[[Docs_Project_meetings#Agenda_for_Next_Meeting|Next Meeting Agenda]]
! Current issues
! Current issues

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Project details

IRC Channel #fedora-docs[?]
Mailing List docs
Meetings Weekly at #fedora-meeting[?], Monday at 2:00pm UTC
Next Meeting Agenda
Current issues Fedora Documentation Bugs - Reported issues with Official Docs
Project planning Current projects
Official Documentation
Related page Docs QA -- Documentation QA Team

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