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The Fedora Documentation Project ("Docs Project") provides 100% free/libre open content, services, and tools for documentation.

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Contributing roles in the Docs project

Contributing roles
This is only suggestions for contributing roles. Only your imagination sets the limts.

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Content writer

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OS Developer

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Web Developer or Administrator

What we do.

The mission of Fedora's Documentation Project is to improve the overall experience of Fedora users and contributors by providing documentation. We explain how to use certain software and systems, provide written accounts of special events (like releases), and recommend settings for software and systems (in terms of security, performance, and other concerns). In pursuing this work, the Docs Project creates and uses only free and open-source software, content, tools, and processes, so our documentation is reusable, modifiable, and rebuildable by anyone, for free, forever.

How we do it.

Most of our documentation begins life on the Fedora wiki. These pages are categorized either as draft (Category:Draft_Documentation) or as final (Category:Documentation).

If the documentation is deemed to be "official" and in need of a more permanent home, the wiki pages are translated into Docbook XML of which can then be used to generate HTML and RPM files that are used to disseminate to the public. HTML files are published at and RPM files are published in the Fedora repository.

What we are working on now.

Published documentation can be found on or on this wiki under Category:Documentation. Draft documentation can be found under Category:Draft_Documentation.

We are working on a number of guides that aid users in setting up and using Fedora:

  • Installation Guide
  • Release Notes
  • Security Guide
  • SELinux Guide
  • User Guide

Project Administration

Documentation Licensing

All documentation produced by Fedora is released under the Open Publication License :



The following pages collect notes, hints, and other bric-a-brac that would otherwise be lost to the vagaries of the list archive's "search" function.

Check the FAQ on this wiki for general information on Fedora and links to other resources.


The central project workflow page is DocsProject/WorkFlow .