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The mission of Fedora's Documentation Project is to improve the overall experience of Fedora users and contributors by providing documentation. We explain how to use certain software and systems, provide written accounts of special events (like releases), and recommend settings for software and systems (in terms of security, performance, and other concerns). In pursuing this work, the Docs Project creates and uses only free and open-source software, content, tools, and processes, so our documentation is reusable, modifiable, and rebuildable by anyone, for free, forever.



  • 邮件列表: 对于正式讨论,Fedora文档计划使用docs@lists.fedoraproject.org邮件列表。
  • IRC 对于非正式的讨论,很多项目成员使用irc.freenode.net上的#fedora-docs频道。
  • 会议: 每周Fedora文档项目在星期三2300 UTC(译注:或为23:00 UTC)在irc.freenode.net上的fedora-meeting举行会议。查阅 会议 维基页以了解会议时间和即将举行的会议的流程。
  • 博客: 我们如何为Fedora写作。


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