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Proof Reading Exercise for the Fedora 18 System Administrators Guide

This table is to track who has volunteered to proof read a section of the guide and to record the findings.

Background: Due to the high number of changes in F18 it has not been possible to make all the necessary changes. As F19 is drawing near we wanted to publish the F18 guide as-is, even in draft status, rather than just skip it. We need help to decide what can be ignored as trivial, what should be changed, what must be changed etc. For example some icons and buttons have moved in NetworkManager but its not difficult to understand how to use the new GUI.

Summary: Proof read one or more sections and make some comments as to the imperfections you find, that is to say, the difference between the F18 guide and Fedora 18 itself. Let us know on a scale of 1 to 5 how significant the difference is. Where 1 is completely wrong or out-of-date, e.g. ntpd was replaced by Chrony; 2 is a significant difference (text and screen shots are very different to what you expect), 5 is a minor difference we can ignore and save the time for F19; and 3 to 4 are for various stages of "nice to update if possible".

Reviewer Name Section or Chapter WIP or Finished Rating, 1 - 5 Notes: What you found.
Randomuser ntpd chapter Fin 1 Needs to be changed to Chrony