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Task table

This table may be transcluded in other locations, but originates at Docs_Project_admin_tasks_for_experienced_contributors#Task_table.

Task Assignee Due date Next milestone Status
F10 Beta relnotes quaid, jmtaylor 29 Sep. 27 Sep. Need -- sync with feature pages; one more nagmail; editing
Student mentoring quaid, ke4qqq Ongoing 30 Sep. (Beta release) Teaching DocBook and git; working on updating task lists; need to get more organized; capture and make reusable
Installation testing with QA quaid, jlaska 08 Oct 02 Oct After IG outline is set (dependent on Anaconda in Beta), QA can use it as a testing plan; need to solidify the plan with James Laska
Update F10 Docs schedule quaid, poelcat 28 Sep 28 Sep Update to reflect release slip; need to include all content that is going to be l10nized
Finding lead writers quaid, others 15 Oct. 08 Oct. Recruit and see ...
Update task lists quaid, ke4qqq 09 Oct. 02 Oct ke4qqq helping with new contributor tasks, quaid working on all lists
Docs to quaid, stickster 50% 07 Oct. git and Trac instances made for IG, relnotes and supporting modules; next, move tasks into Tracs(?), make IG publican ready
Beat management quaid, jmtaylor 01 Oct. 04 Oct. Make sure all beats are owned or dropped; nag fedora-devel-list, blogs, etc. with list of orphaned beats
Toolchain quaid, stickster 20 Oct 15 Oct Can we use publican for release notes for Preview Release? Maybe. Needs a bit of specfile changing first.

Migrating away from Docs CVS and into Fedora Hosted

New task list structure

Assignee: User:Kwade

  1. Write new pages in to Docs Project tasks and.

Beat management for release notes

Assignee: User:Kwade

  1. Check out beat assignments, update
    1. Contact SIG or sub-project where there is a hole in their beat; seek assignment :)
  2. Integrate in to Docs_Project_tasks
  3. Reminders
    • Nagmail to fedora-devel-list, fedora-devel-announce, others? - 2008-09-09
    • Blog posts - 2008-09-04
  4. Pass on task to another person as closure

Wiki to DocBook process and tools update

Assignee: User:Kwade

  1. Install python-mwlib
  2. Work through output quality
    1. Check that wiki editing rules are still useful, what did they output?
  3. Get output to build in publican
    1. Scripted conversion -- get scripts in git, do good documentation
    2. Manual conversion -- notes in git required