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Guide Name F Guide Lead Wiki Publican L10N Priority Translated RPM HTML (docs.fp.o)
docbook-locales - rudi No N/A — Fedora repo here; upstream here 1 In Progress Yes Used to produce all guides on d.fp.o
Common_Content for Publican - rudi No N/A — repo here 2 Yes — not in Transifex yet. Status here Yes Used to produce all guides on d.fp.o
Installation Guide F12 ke4qqq, rudi No Yes 5 Requested No Not yet
Installation Quick Start Guide F11 ke4qqq, rudi No Yes 4 In progress No Yes
Release Notes F12 jjmcd, ryanlerch No Yes 3 In progress No Not yet
Deployment Guide F12 dsilas No Yes Yes No Not yet
Security Guide F12 sparks, sradvan Archived Yes In Progress (28Apr) In Progress (April) Yes
SELinux User Guide F11 sradvan No Yes In Progress No Yes
SELinux Managing Confined Services Guide F11 sradvan No Yes No No Yes
User Guide F11 danielsmw, kirk202 Yes Yes 6 In Progress No Yes
RPM Guide F12 bcotton No In Progress No No No
Virtualization Guide F12 tsagadai No Yes Requested No Not yet
Accessibility Guide F12 Sparks No Yes No No No
Burning ISOs F11 Zoglesby No Yes In progress No Yes
Live Images F11 No Yes In progress No Yes

Please use "Yes", "No", "Archived", "In Progress", or "Due on..." in each block to denote current status.