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Guide Name F Guide Lead Wiki DocBook Translated RPM HTML
Installation Guide F11 ke4qqq, rudi N/A Yes In Progress We haven't traditionally done an RPM for the IG Haven't pushed html to anywhere public really
Release Notes F11 jjmcd, ryanlerch Yes Yes (1) In Progress (2) Yes Yes but (3)
Security Guide F11 mhideo, sparks, sradvan Archived Yes In Progress (28Apr) In Progress (April 09) Yes
SELinux User Guide F10 sradvan No Yes No No Yes
SELinux Managing Confined Services Guide F11 sradvan No In Progress No No No
User Guide F11 danielsmw, kirk202 Yes In progress (early May)

(1) Preview RNs published, GA in progress.

(2) Preview RNs are published. A new POT for GA is due on May 1.

(3) The release notes RPM includes six documents. The release notes proper are available in HTML and are up to date on docs.fp.o. The other docs are not all provided in HTML, and only some are provided on docs.fp.o. Those that are have not been updated yet. Missing updates are largely copyright dates.

Please use "Yes", "No", "Archived", "In Progress", or "Due on..." in each block to denote current status.