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* Outstanding BZ Tickets
* Outstanding BZ Tickets
* Guide needs?
* Guide needs?
** [ User Guide reorganization] <--danielsmw
** User Guide
*** [ User Guide reorganization] <--danielsmw
*** [ Rudi's summary]
* New Guides
* New Guides
** RPM Guide
** RPM Guide

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The Fedora Documentation Project holds weekly IRC meetings. All members of the Fedora Project are welcome to participate.

Information about past meetings can be found on the Category:Docs Project meetings and Category:Docs Project meeting logs pages.


Meeting Details

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The Docs Project meets on freenode , #fedora-meeting. All members of the community are welcome to attend and participate in our meetings.

  • Day: Thursday (or Wednesday if your timezone is earlier than UTC)
  • Time: 0001 Hrs UTC (refer to World clock for 05 March 2009)
  • Location: #fedora-meeting on freenode

For more information and to discuss any of the agenda items, be sure to click on the links to read the threads on the fedora-docs-list.

A meeting reminder should be sent at the beginning of the meeting day.

Agenda for Next Meeting

This is the agenda for the next meeting for Docs Project. Please write down your topic suggestions so that we have an idea on what will be discussed in the meeting. Pointers to emails which expand on the idea are always welcome!

Thursday July 16, 2009 (Wed US Time)

Update weekly
Please update this agenda with your latest items.

Task table

This table may be transcluded in other locations, but originates at Docs_Project_admin_tasks_for_experienced_contributors#Task_table.

Task Assignee Due date Next milestone Status


This table discusses who owns which documentation guide. All of these guides are a work in progress. F indicates next version planned; which in turn becomes the last published. Join the fun by contacting the guide owner or adopting an orphaned guide. Have an idea for a guide not yet in this list? Bring it up on the docs project list.

Guide Name F Guide Lead QA Contact Wiki Repo L10N Priority In translation RPM HTML (docs.fp.o)
csi-security-policy - kevin sign up! No Fedora Git; - Yes No
docbook-locales - rudi sign up! No Fedora Git; Upstream SVN 1 Yes Yes Used to produce all guides on d.fp.o
Common_Content for Publican - rudi anross No SVN 2 Yes Yes Used to produce all guides on d.fp.o
Publican branding for Fedora - rudi anross No SVN 3 Yes Yes Used to produce all guides on d.fp.o
Documentation website - rudi anross No Git 4 Yes No Welcome and explanatory text for docs.fp.o
Accessibility Guide F16 Sparks sign up! No [1] 9 Yes No Yes
Amateur Radio Guide F16 jjmcd, Sparks sign up! Wishlist [2] Yes No Yes
Burning ISOs F18 bcotton sign up! No [3]| * Yes No Yes
Cloud Guide F16 Sparks sign up! No [4] Yes No Yes
Documentation Guide - Sparks sign up! No [5] No No Yes
Elections Guide - Sparks sign up! No [6] Yes No Yes
Installation Guide F21 pbokoc sign up! No [7] 7 Yes†† No Yes
Live Images F18 bcotton sign up! No [8] * Yes No Yes
Musicians' Guide F18 crantila sign up! Outdated [9] Yes No Yes
Multiboot Guide F19/F20 chrisroberts chrisroberts No [10] No No No
Networking Guide F20 StephenW No [11] No No Yes
Packager's Guide F18 pmkovar jhradile No [12] Yes No Yes
Power Management Guide F18 yruseva sign up! No [13] Yes No Yes
Release Notes All randomuser,jjmcd ryanlerch zoglesby Beats [14] 5 Yes Yes Yes
Resource Management Guide F17 *Open* sign up! Yes [15] Yes No Yes
Security Guide F18 sparks, kennepede bcotton Archived [16] 10 Yes No Yes
SELinux User's and Administrator's Guide F21 bancinco sing up! No [17] No No Yes
Software Collections Guide - pmkovar jhradile No [18] Yes No Yes
Software Management Guide F20 Gomix sign up! No [19] Yes No Yes
Storage Administration Guide F14 *Open* sign up! No [20] Yes No Yes
System Administrator's Guide F20 StephenW crantila No [21] 8 Yes No Yes
Technical Notes F17 randomuser sign up! No [22] Yes No Yes
UEFI Secure Boot Guide F18 Sparks No [23] Yes No Yes
Virtualization Administration and Deployment Guide F19 lnovich sign up! No [24] Yes No Yes
Virtualization Getting Started Guide** F23 dmparker sign up! No [25] Yes No Yes
Virtualization Security Guide** F19 sradvan sign up! No [26] No No Yes

* This document is low priority, but is short and easy text ideal for new documentation translators.

** Replaces the Virtualization Guide from F14 onwards.

Please use "Yes", "No", "Archived", "In Progress", or "Due on..." in each block to denote current status.
Still under development
Branched for F21
Branched, in translation, and drafts on d.fp.o

Old Guides