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Easy - Content focused tasks

This page needs some love
This page should be revised or reconstructed to be more helpful. Problems may include being out of step with current team or project status or process.

These are content tasks ...

  • Research
  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Testing
  • Publishing

... of Fedora-specific content on the wiki and as formal, translated guides.

Wiki gardening

Having a great wiki is like having a great garden. It needs regular care and maintenance, and occasional big pruning jobs.

Wiki_gardening_tasks is a master task list arranged by difficulty. Some highlights from there are:

Fact check a document

Installation Guide

This guide takes a reader through the flow of installation. It is mainly textual instructions and no screenshots. This makes it more useful, easier to translate, and more encompassing of the topic. The guide is maintained in DocBook XML, but guide testing and fact checking can be done without editing the XML.

Team: jhradilek, pbokoc

Task tracking:

Release Notes

Fedora release notes are the best release notes of any Linux distribution. This is accomplished by gathering the work of many contributors via the wiki, then converting that work to DocBook XML for translation and building in to HTML, PDF, text, and the fedora-release-notes package.

Team: (in no particular order) Gadgetwisdom, Greg Krpan, Rlandmann, crantila, Beth Lynn Eicher, JensPetersen, zoglesby, Emad78, Luigi Votta, Dale Bewley, Yuri Khabarov, DavidNalley, WillMorris, Nathant, JohnMcDonough, MatBooth, A.Mani, ChitleshGoorah

Task tracking:

Packaging Guide

The PackagingGuidelines need reorganizating, rewriting, and probably conversion to XML for translation. This work includes working closely with the Packaging Committee.

Team: User:????

Task tracking: (not created yet)

Virtualization Guide

This is a proposed guide needing a team to work on it.

Team: User:????

Task tracking: (not created yet)

Readme-burning-isos -- ISO burning how-to

Team: User:????

Task tracking:

Readme-live-image -- README for live image

Team: User:????

Task tracking:

How to file a bug report

A bugzilla guide for Fedora. Good task to learn from for a new user.

How to file a bug report

Writer"" User:danielsmw

Easy - Project admin tasks

Here we will list request for docs - RFD's

If you desire to own any of these docs, let User:Sparks know and mark it as such below.


Write a Beat

Beats give the community insight on what great software to expect in the next Fedora Release. Read the Beat writing HowTo.

Help with Proof Reading

Help to review guides for out-of-date information. See the Docs Project Review Table for further info.

Not interested in anything here?

Hard - Content focused tasks

This page needs some love
This page should be revised or reconstructed to be more helpful. Problems may include being out of step with current team or project status or process.
DocsProject Header docTeam1.png

These writing, editing, and publishing tasks require some familiarity with Fedora and/or the Docs Project. These are highlights of the most important currently. Check Category:Docs Project content tasks for experienced contributors for additional tasks and details not highlighted here.

Release notes - lead writer


Team: Jason Taylor

Task tracking:

Installation Guide - lead writer

Assignee:David Nalley

Task tracking:

Packaging Guide

Docs Project Lead: Susan Lauber


Task tracking:Docs tasks for Packaging Guide and related materials

User Guide - lead writer

Assignee:Matthew Daniels

Task tracking:User Guide tasks

Bug triage

Assignee: Jason Taylor


Task tracking:Docs bug triage tasks

Virtualization Guide


Task Tracking:Virtualization Guide Tasks

RPM Guide

This content has languished for a while, still has relevant bits, and can be picked up as a contribution with the upstream

Highly visible potential
This outdated guide continues to be the top hit for the search 'rpm guide' at

Team: Ben Cotton, Petr Kovar

Task Tracking:

Linux Security Guide - Sparks

Team: Mike, Murray

Task Tracking:

Hard - Project admin tasks

Task table

This table may be transcluded in other locations, but originates at Docs_Project_admin_tasks_for_experienced_contributors#Task_table.

Task Assignee Due date Next milestone Status