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Docs Project lead: Susan Lauber Team Members are needed.

Goal: to assist with page naming, page categories, style guide, and general proofreading. There are three major groups of pages.

Packaging Guide

The Packaging Guide with controlled access in the Packaging namespace.

Task Status Notes
Move Packaging/* to Packaging: namespace done
Move Packaging: IRC logs and Meeting Minutes to Meeting: namespace ready for wikibot Packaging.psv file
Renaming remaining pages to be searchable ready for wikibot Packaging.psv file
Add a category to Packaging meeting minutes to be moved suggest Category:Packaging Meetings
Place remaining pages in a category. (And make the meeting cat a subcategory) Suggest Category:Packaging Guide
Look for and remove any header1 (h1) headers See Help:Editing for more style tips
Move guide to CMS? Or find other plan to ease the draft -> approval process waiting on new CMS decision A test case of Zikula is being set up. Other options listed in CMS_solution_for_Fedora_Project_websites
Translate guide? current tools would require moving from wiki to XML

Packaging Guide Drafts

The Packaging Guide Drafts where anyone can contribute. Most pages are currently named PackagingDrafts/*

Task Status Notes
Identify which drafts are active and which can be moved to archive probably set up a matrix Packaging Drafts wiki renaming and activity matrix
Add active pages to a category Proposal is Category:Packaging Guide Drafts which could be a sub to Category:Draft Documentation and to Category:Packaging Guide
Rename pages to a searchable format See Help:Wiki_structure for naming guidelines and packagingdrafts.psv
Look into sub categories for more organization

Package Maintainer pages

Related documentation and tips for Package Maintainers. These files are mostly named PackageMaintainers/*

Task Status Notes
Place all pages in Category:Package Maintainers mostly done
rename pages to be more searchable or archive some archiving done and some work on psv file done see Help:Wiki_structure, can also use packagemaintainers.psv and PackageMaintainers offers lots of suggestions
Move content and trim down PackageMaintainers into the Category:Package Maintainers page. proposed sample done in Category page. Renaming will help this make more sense.
Add additional categories or sub categories
review pages for style (ie removal of h1) see Help:Editing


  • PSV files are hosted in the wikirename git repository
    • Pages can be renamed with the move button at the top of each page. The psv files are used by wikibot for a mass renaming. Either method will take care of all redirects.
  • Category:Fonts is considered by the wiki team to be a good example of how Categories can be used to organize pages.