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Amateur Radio


The Morse code tutor, aldo now includes support for additional punctuation, better sound card selection, and uses a new Koch sequence.


fldigi 3.20.20 includes a large number of changes, new features and bug fixes. Review for a complete list of features and for the change log.


linpsk now includes support for RTTY and MFSK, and uses a new graphics layer to improve performance. Logging may be done through LinLog.


splat 1.3.0, a.k.a. SPLAT! HD, has support for 1 arc-second SRTM-1 Version 2 topography data, as well as a new mapping mode that plots contours in dBm, better documentation, and many other new features.


xwxapt has been upgraded to version 2. The sound card code has been dramatically rewritten and should reduce issues with sound cards.