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== cutecw ==
''cutecw'' hase been updated to 1.0.  Improvements include better training sequences, a greatly improved "read-to-me" mode, and a number of cosmetic enhancements.  For more information refer to
== hamlib ==
''hamlib'' has been updated to version  Some of the significant features are:
* support for VX-1700, FUNcube, FiFi-SDR, KTH-SDR Si570, FT-5000, TS-590S
* A new rotor backend with new features
* Fixes and new features for TS-440S, K2, K3, SR-2200, THF6A, THF7E, NewCAT rigs serial port defaults, TM-D700
* Allow USB device's VID/PID/Vendor/Product to be explicitly specified
The complete upstream changelog is available at and there is more general information on the project's wiki at
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