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'''Keep this for F10 update release'''
=== What's new for amateur radio operators ===
Fedora 10 includes a number of applications and libraries that are
[[Category:Docs Project]]
of interest to amateur radio operators and electronic hobbyists.
[[Category:Draft documentation]]
Many of these applications are included in the Fedora Electronic
[[Category:Documentation beats]]
Lab spin. Fedora also includes a number of VLSI and IC design
tools which are not outlined here.
* Sound card mode applications include '''fldigi''', '''gpsk31''', '''gmfsk''', '''lpsk31''', '''xfhell''', and '''xpsk31'''.
* The '''gnuradio''' package is a software defined radio framework.
* The '''aprsd''' and '''xastir''' packages provide APRS capabilities.
* The '''gEDA''' suite consists of an integrated set of schematics applications for capture, net listing, circuit simulation, and PCB layout.
* The '''gspiceui''', '''ngspice''', and '''gnucap''' packages provide circuit simulation capabilities.
There are a variety of other tools for learning Morse code, orbit
prediction and tracking satellites, producing schematic diagrams
and PCB artwork, amateur radio logbook keeping, and other
applications of interest to amateur radio and electronics
For a complete list of all the amateur radio and electronics related packages see [[ Applications_for_Amateur_Radio | Applications for Amateur Radio on the wiki ]].
In this release, there are a number of changes.
the '''geda''' (gnu Electronic Design Assistant) suite of tools has been updated to version 20080929.  This is a bugfix release and there are no major changes visible to the user. '''pcb''' has been updated to 0.20081128. '''gtkwave''' which is used by the gEDA suite has also been updated to 3.1.13.  These are also bugfix releases.
'''gerbv''' 2.1.0 is also used as part of the gEDA suite.  It includes a number of new features:
* Added ability to select objects, with the option of deleting or viewing basic properties of the objects
* Split off the core functionality of gerbv into a library (libgerbv) to allow developers to quickly write software using Gerber parsing/editing/exporting/rendering functionality. Full Doxygen documentation has also been created to facilitate developers wishing to use libgerbv.
* Added export to RS274X and Excellon functionality, allowing gerbv to translate files between formats. The RS274X export function can also be used to "clean" troublesome files to a more compatible format.
* Added the ability to override the Excellon format "guessing", allowing non-standard drill files to be correctly rendered
* Greatly expanded the command line functionality, including the ability to panelize boards into a single one through the command line
* Added "Aperture usage" tab to Gerber reports. This allows the user to see how often each aperture is used in all visible layers of his project.
'''gnuradio''' has been update to version 3.1.2.  There are a large number of bugfixes as well as many "fine tuning" changes to the gui.  See the gnuradio release log at  for complete details.
'''iverilog''' is used for circuit simulation and Fedora 10 includes version 0.9.20080905.  This is primarily a bugfix release.
Fedora 10 includes version 3.4.30 of '''xcircuit''', a schematic capture and netlist generation tool.  This is a minor upgrade from Fedora 9 and upgrading should pose no problems for users.
'''soundmodem''' has been temporarily removed from the distribution.  It is expected to be back before the release of Fedora 11.

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