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==Architecture Specific Notes==
This section provides notes that are specific to the supported hardware architectures of Fedora.
=== 32-bit base changed to i686 ===
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Fedora 11 has i586 as the base 32-bit x86 architecture.
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For Fedora 12, we will switch to i686 as the base architecture (including CMOV), and optimize for Atom processors.
This means we will lose support for the following CPU families:
* Intel i586 (all)
* National Semiconductor Geode processors
* VIA C3 (Ezra and Samuel Cores)
* AMD Geode GX
AMD Geode LX (as used in the OLPC XO laptop) and later Geode NX processors should still work.
Those interested are, of course, welcome to set up a secondary arch for older processors.
* Faster binaries on mainstream architectures (Pentium M, Via C7, all 64-bit arches, Atom)
* Realistically, we don't support i586 as a practical matter. Enforce that more logically.
* Fewer kernel builds
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