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= systemd =
'''systemd''' is a system and service manager,  replacement for SysVinit and Upstart. After a six months shift, during which it has been more granularly tested, Fedora 15 brings in, by default, a new system daemon whose code is designed from scratch, with the objective to take the maximum advantage offered by modern Linux kernel.
With '''systemd''', Fedora 15 boots-up faster, particularly on SSD; native systemd service configuration files (or units) are much easier to understand and configure compared to sysvinit scripts, as systemd uses <code>.service</code> files instead of bash script; all daemons are sorted into their own Linux cgroups, which you may explore beneath <code>/cgroup/systemd</code> in the file system hierarchy; administrative features of the init system are considerably extended.
Refer to for more complete information on systemd in Fedora.
=== Developer ===
Lennart Poettering (lpoetter AT
= 4kB Sector disk boot support =
Booting 4kB sector disks in UEFI environments is now supported.
== /var/run and /var/lock ==
/var/run and /var/lock are now mounted from tmpfs, and hence emptied on reboot. Applications must ensure to recreate their own files/dirs on startup, and cannot rely that doing this at package installation will suffice. It is possible to use systemd's tmpfiles.d/ mechanism to recreate directories and files beneath /var/run and /var/lock on boot, if necessary. See tmpfiles.d(5) for details (
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