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==== kicad ====
==== kicad ====
Electronic schematic diagrams and printed circuit board artwork
```kicad``` has been upgraded from 2011.07.12 to 2012.01.19.  The project's web sit is at
  Old Version: 2011.07.12 -> New Version: 2012.01.19
Project site: (
==== pcb ====
==== pcb ====

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gerbv has been upgraded to 2.6.0 from 2.5.0. Changes include:

  • Greater accuracy
  • Support for panelization
  • A number of bugfixes


gtkwave ( has been upgraded from 3.3.25 to 3.3.31


`kicad` has been upgraded from 2011.07.12 to 2012.01.19. The project's web sit is at


pcb has been updated from 0.20100929 to 0.20110918. In addition to numerous bug fixes, the following list some of the significant changes:

  • Internal coordinate space is now metric. This should fix the "trace nubs on metric grids" issue. Also, units are allowed on pretty much every "coordinate" that PCB accepts. Example: 5.4in, 10cm, 0.55mm.
  • New configure option --enable-coord64 to force (slower?) 64-bit type for coordinates on 32-bit systems (if you need a board bigger than 1 meter across). The internal precision is 1 nanometer,
  • New GTK layer view/choose widget and other GUI enhancements.
  • GTK HID warns if the *.pcb file has changed on disk.
  • Enhanced grid snapping logic.
  • Select/report nets by name.
  • Auto-pan has been removed.
  • Zoom can zoom out beyond the edge of the board's workspace.
  • Personally identifiable information is no longer stored in the PCB.
  • Toggling vias from hole to plated is reversible.
  • Gerber exporter has options for including outlines on other layers.
  • Edited footprint files are saved as footprints, not pcbs.
  • Autorouter has a progress dialog.
  • PCB will no longer let you delete the last top/bottom layer.
  • Via copper may overlap.

For additional details, including a list of bug fixes, refer to the NEWS page at

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