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= Circuit Design =
=== archimedes ===
Rebuild for F15 against GNU Archimedes release 0.9.1: no up-stream changes
=== drawtiming ===
Rebuild for F15 against drawtiming release 0.7.1: no up-stream changes
=== gtkwave ===
'''gtkwave''' is an analysis tool used to perform debugging on Verilog or VHDL simulation models.
With Fedora 15 '''gtkwave''' has been upgraded to 3.3.18, with improvements and new features respect to the release 3.3.10 present in Fedora 14. Among these there are:
additions of new tcl functions to enhance Tcl access; added support for process and transaction filters in MinGW and support for Open New Window to MinGW; in order to aid in indexing, detection for Verilog XL-style VCD identifiers in all vcd loaders in gtkwave. Updates to manual supporting GTKWave 3.3.18. For all details and fixes, view the CHANGELOG.TXT in the doc package.
=== kicad ===
(At now rebuilded against 2010.05.27-2363)
'''kicad''' is a set of applications used to capture electronic schematics and design printed circuit boards. -->
With Fedora 15, '''kicad''' has been upgraded from 2010.05.27 to Among the new features: addition of a tool (bitmap2component) to create logos from .bmp bitmaps, vectored by potrace for no pixelation effect. In eeschema: addition of "template fieldnames"; netlist generation, changes the rule to calculate netnames of nets with labels; exporting of the generic netlist in XML. In gerbview: improved support to Gerber language; added in file dialog, multiple file selection; Draw mode selector (in left toolbar). For all details, view the [ CHANGELOG.TXT (rev.2794)].
=== mot-adms ===
Rebuild for F15 against adms-2.2.8: no up-stream changes
=== ngspice ===
=== pcb ===
=== perl-Verilog ===
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