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Fedora 17 includes '''mysql''' 5.5.20, updated from 5.5.14 in Fedora 16.

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Fedora 17 includes mysql 5.5.20, updated from 5.5.14 in Fedora 16.


postgresql has been upgraded to 9.1.2

Potentially Incompatible Change
If you rely on the information_schema.referential_constraints view, or if you have columns of type citext, you may need to take special action. Refer to

This is primarily a bugfix release.


sqlite has been upgraded to 3.7.9

Potentially Incompatible Change
If a search token (on the right-hand side of the MATCH operator) in FTS4 begins with "^" then that token must be the first in its field of the document.

There are many changes and improvements:

  • Orders of magnitude performance improvement for CREATE INDEX on very large tables.
  • Improved the windows VFS to better defend against interference from anti-virus software.
  • Improved query plan optimization when the DISTINCT keyword is present.
  • Allow more system calls to be overridden in the unix VFS - to provide better support for chromium sandboxes.
  • Increase the default size of a lookahead cache line from 100 to 128 bytes.
  • Enhancements to the test_quota.c module so that it can track preexisting files.
  • Added options SQLITE_DBSTATUS_CACHE_HIT and SQLITE_DBSTATUS_CACHE_MISS to the sqlite3_db_status() interface.
  • Removed support for SQLITE_ENABLE_STAT2, replacing it with the much more capable SQLITE_ENABLE_STAT3 option.
  • Enhancements to the sqlite3_analyzer utility program, including the --pageinfo and --stats options and support for multiplexed databases.
  • Enhance the sqlite3_data_count() interface so that it can be used to determine if SQLITE_DONE has been seen on the prepared statement.
  • Added the SQLITE_FCNTL_OVERWRITE file-control by which the SQLite core indicates to the VFS that the current transaction will overwrite the entire database file.
  • Increase the default lookaside memory allocator allocation size from 100 to 128 bytes.
  • Enhanced the query planner so that it can factor terms in and out of OR expressions in the WHERE clause in an effort to find better indices.
  • Added the SQLITE_DIRECT_OVERFLOW_READ compile-time option, causing overflow pages to be read directly from the database file, bypassing the page cache.
  • Remove limits on the magnitude of precision and width value in the format specifiers of the sqlite3_mprintf() family of string rendering routines.