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== riak ==
Riak, a scalable and reliable data store, is available in Fedora 15.
Riak is a Dynamo-inspired key/value store, written in Erlang, that scales predictably and easily. Riak also simplifies development by giving developers the ability to quickly prototype, test, and deploy their applications.
A truly fault-tolerant system, Riak has no single point of failure. No machines are special or central in Riak, so developers and operations professionals can decide exactly how fault-tolerant they want and need their applications to be.
== mysql ==
{{package|mysql}} has been updated to version 5.5.8.  Included are improved scalability and performance.  From the release announcement: ''"Higher availability: New semi-synchronous replication and Replication Heart Beat improve failover speed and reliability."''
This update includes increasing the shared library version number of libmysqlclient, so applications using that library will need to be recompiled.
== postgresql ==
{{package|postgresql}} has been updated from 8.4.4 to 9.0.3.  In addition to numerous security and other bugfixes, this release contains a number of new features:
* Built-in replication based on log shipping.ster with multiple read-only slave servers
* Easier database object permissions management
* Broadly enhanced stored procedure support
* More advanced reporting queries
* New trigger features
* Deferrable unique constraints
* Mass updates to unique keys are now possible without trickery
* Exclusion constraints
* New and enhanced security features
* New high-performance implementation of the LISTEN/NOTIFY feature
* New implementation of VACUUM FULL
* New contrib module pg_upgrade to support in-place upgrades from 8.3 or 8.4 to 9.0
* Multiple performance enhancements for specific types of queries, including elimination of unnecessary joins
* EXPLAIN enhancements
* hstore improvements
{{admon/note|Requires database dump|
Upgrading requires a dump/restore using pg_dump and pg_restore}}
{{admon/warning|Incompatible Changes|
Version 9.0 contains a number of changes that selectively break backwards compatibility in order to support new features and code quality improvements.  Refer to the release notes at}}
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