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Database Servers

Fedora includes both the MySQL and PostgreSQL database servers.

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MySQL has been updated to 5.1.x. This represents a major version upgrade from Fedora 10's 5.0.x release series. You should test database-using applications for possible incompatibilities. Upstream's release notes can be found at [1].

If you are upgrading a Fedora 10 installation that includes a live 5.0.x MySQL database, don't forget to run mysql_upgrade after completing the software upgrade. There is a report that this may fail altogether if the 5.0.x database had been updated from an even older installation without running mysql_upgrade at the time. If you think this might be the case for your database, it is prudent to run mysql_upgrade on the Fedora 10 installation before upgrading. (And, of course, you should have backups if the database content is at all critical.)


Fedora 11 includes version 8.3.6 of postgreSQL.

A dump/restore is not required for those running 8.3.X. However, it is recommended to REINDEX all GiST indexes after the upgrade.